CodeLab Instructions

CodeLab Web Page:

Access Code: DEAN-26607-FEFF-38

The first 7 chapters of CodeLab exercises, through Structures, are due 10/31 (9:30 am).  The last 3 chapters are due before the final.  You may complete exercises after the due date, but you will not get credit for the completions.

The CodeLab exercises are available for extra credit.  You may receive a maximum of 10 points for your CodeLab completed exercises.  You will receive a maximum of 10 extra credit points for those exercises that you complete.  The extra credit points will be prorated, based on the number of exercises that you complete.  For example, if there are 100 exercises and you complete 50, then you will get 5 points extra credit.

Please contact the instructor for help with any of the exercises.  The instructor will work exercises, by request, during office hours or during the online time.  Before requesting that a problem be worked, please make a sincere effort to solve the problem by yourself.