By now you have finished exercise 1 and assignment 1.  If you had trouble with assignment 1, email me and ask for my solution.  Lab Exercise 2 is really too easy.  It is mainly about following instructions.  If you haven't turned it in yet, make sure you read and follow the directions exactly, especially the formatting and the named constant.

Because of today's holiday, Wednesday's (review) lecture is covers two lectures.  It's is the last review.  After that, most of what you hear will be new stuff.  Wednesday's lecture will be rushed.  Because of the time crunch, I'll skip the array basics and jump right into some examples.  In the second hour of Wednesday's lecture we'll talk about sorting and searching.  You should have studied the selection sort in CIS22A.  We'll review that and discuss another sort method.  Then, searching.  We'll need to cover the binary search.

If you are weak on using arrays, you might want to review Chapter 7.  Most important is that you get the idea of passing arrays to functions.  This will be critcal next week when we get to two-dimensional arrays.

Looking ahead, you'll probably find assignment 2 easier than assignment 1.  Especially if you understand sorting arrays and the binary search.  You can start assignment 2 now - reading the input files into the two arrays of strings.

Use this down time to do some reading in your text book, watching some of the recommended videos, and working ahead.  Email if you have questions.