C++ Programming References

C++ Books

Programming Principles and Practice Using C++  Bjarne Stroustrup 2nd Edition

The C++ Programming Language   Bjarne Stroustrup 4th Edition

The C++ Standard Library   Nicolai M. Josuttis

Professional C++   Marc Gregoire  4th Edition

C A Reference Manual  Harbison & Steele 5th Edition     This is dated, but still a good reference.
        PDF Version

C++ Web Page References

Joe's old CIS27 C++ Notes (pdf file)   These are notes from old CIS27 classes.  They are dated.

Joe's Advanced C++ Notes   March 2018  (MS Word document / pdf file)

Bjarne Stroustrup's Home Page

http://www.learncpp.com/  Very good tuturials

C++ Annotations  Frank B. Brokken   Very good reference

C++ Reference  Good reference

The C++ Standard  The ISO standard. Download a copy of the 2014 working draft.

Google’s Guide to Technical Development

C++ Videos

Bucky's C++ Tutorials
These are the best videos for the beginner

Console C++ Video Tutorials

Stroustrup Videos


Fort Siege (CIS29 Group Project Winter 2018)

Joe's Adventure Game

PC Window's Version  (version 1.3 9/28/17)
Linux Version  (3/17)
Macintosh Version (3/17)

How To

How to Build a Project with Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Express

How to Use Code::Blocks to Create a Simple C++ Program

Printing your output from Code::Blocks

NetBeans Installation Instructions

Xcode Tutorial for the Mac

Free C++ Compilers

Microsoft Visual Studio

Code::Blocks - another open source IDE that makes use of Mingw or Cygwin
                       For Windows, download the file:    codeblocks-17.12mingw-setup.exe   (88,221 KB)

Video: How to install Code::Blocks

NetBeans - another open source IDE that makes use of Mingw or Cygwin

Eclipse - An open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

C/C++ gnu compiler (for UNIX/Linux)

Free C/C++ Compilers and Interpreters