Welcome to the C language self-assessment test!


If you are planning to enroll in any of the following classes:


            CIS15C - Data Structures

            CIS26B - Advanced C Programming

            CIS27    - Programming in C++

            CIS35    - Introduction to Java Programming


then this self-assessment test is for you. 


The test contains 11 questions that cover both basic and intermediate topics in the C programming language.  It is designed to help you evaluate your preparation and readiness for the above CIS courses.


How to take the test:

The link below will take you to the self-assessment test.  Each question on the test shows the topic(s) that it covers, so you can determine your where your strengths and/or weaknesses are.  Following each question is a link to the answer, and each answer has a link to a more detailed explanation, should you need it.  To go back to a previous page, simply click on the “Back” button of your browser.


The test is designed to be open book, so feel free to look up anything you might need.  There is no ideal time limit for the test, when you are able to finish the test on your own then you have the proper preparation to succeed in the courses above. 


If you are currently taking a CIS15BG or CIS26A class, and your class has not yet covered linked lists (the last topic for these 2 classes), you may skip questions 9 and 10, and come back to them after you’ve finished the class.


Once you’ve completed the test:

You can verify your answers with the answers given.  The topics listed with each question can help you determine which areas you may need to review, if any, before continuing with the courses listed above.  As a guideline, if you score 80% or more on the self-assessment, then you are ready to continue with the CIS courses above.



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