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CIS 67A Local Area Networks

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Assignment Two

Data Transmission

Practice Set Instructions:

All questions and excercises for this assignment are found in Forouzan.

Practice Set questions are multiple-choice. You are to answer the questions as follows:
Question Number letter answer and answer

For Example:
3. c. ISO

If the answer is "any/all of the above" then you would answer:
3. f. any of the above ISO, OSI, JPEG, ANSI, ASCII

For Exercises you need to put the question number, each of the subquestions and its answer.

For Example: 39. What layer handles froboz? Network


1. Answer ANY FIFTEEN (15) of the Practice Set questions in Chapter Three pages 66-70

2. Answer EITHER all the ODD OR All the EVEN Exercises on pp. 70-77

3. In Chapter FOUR Answer Any FIFTEEN (15) of the Practice Set questions on pages 99-103

Please be sure to check the general guidelines for submitting your project.

For information on how to submit your assignment see submission instructions

Must be emailed BEFORE class on Wednesday 6 February