CIS 40

Unit 9 Assignment

Specifications and Requirements

Write a script that will allow a user to search in a text file to find video games that match their interests.

  1. Let the user enter from one to four tags that describe the sort of game that they are interested in.
  2. Search through a text file that has a list of games. Find and save games that match the user's tags. Each game in the text file is on it's own line. Each of these lines starts with the one-word name of the game, followed by one to five one-word tags that describe the game.
  3. Print the number of games that match the user tags. If there are one or more games that qualify, print a list of those games.


Prompt the user to enter one to four tags
Split the user input into a list of user tags
Calculate the number of user tags

Open the games text file
Initialize an empty list of matching games
For each line in the games text file
        Set the matchcount variable to zero
        Split the line into a list of game info
        For each tag in the user tag list
               If the tag is in the game info list
                       Increment the matchcount variable
        If the matchcount is equal to the number of user tags
               Add the name of the game to the list of matching games

If there are no matching games
        Print Sorry, no games match your criteria
        Print the count of matching games and a list of the games


  1. Test each part of the program as it is written - getting the user tags, finding the matching games, and printing the results.
  2. Test using the Action tag. There should be 19 results.
  3. Test using the Adventure and Arcade tags. There should be 4 results.
  4. Test using the Casual, Funny and Horror tags. There should be 2 results.
  5. Test using the Horror, Indie and Puzzle tags. There should be 0 results.
  6. Test using the Boardgame tag (Boardgame isn't represented in the game file). There should be 0 results.

Additional Information

This project is similar to the Computer Class project demonstrated in the videos referenced on page 17 of the Containers and Lists slideshow. Much of the code for this project can be taken from the Computer Class project, but a key difference is that instead of matching on a single criteria, this project can require matches on multiple criteria.

The name of the game text file is Lab9_CatGames.txt and the file is located in Canvas. You will need to copy this file to your local working directory.
Log in to Catalyst.
Select CIS 40.
Select files.
Select Lab9_CatGames.txt
Move your cursor to the right of the green checkmark icon.
Click the down arrow next to the gear.
Click Download
Click Save File and OK
The file should be on your desktop or download directory

The game file has 75 games, and there are 12 possible descriptive tags (Action, Adventure, Arcade, Casual, Funny, Horror, Indie, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, Simulation, Strategy). Tags for each game are unique - there are no duplicates.

OPTIONAL CHALLENGE: If you would like to extend the basic lab, a possible enhancement is listed below. This is simply for your learning and enjoyment, not for extra credit.

  1. Write a script to generate your own list of games with random tags. Use Notepad to create a file with a list of game names (without tags). Then create a second file with a list of tags. Your script should create a Lab9_MyGames.txt file with data that comes from the two files that you created in Notepad. Each game should have from one to five tags (use random to determine the number of tags). All of the tags for a game must be unique - there should not be any duplicate tags. Hint: before selecting tags for a game, shuffle the tag list using the shuffle function in the random module ( See 9.6.3).