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Lab 1 - Build a web page

Enough administrative stuff. Let's build a web page. We will build a very simple web page.

Complete lab 1

You have done the work for Lab 1.
You do NOT send your lab 1 page to the instructor, I will take your word that it is done.
Log in to Canvas and submit assignment 1.
In the assignment submission provide the following information:

  • That you have complete Lab 1.
  • A grade posting word. It should be an English word of 7 characters or less, that is not a proper name. I will use this word to display your exam grades and average grades. You will be able to see everyone's grades, but only you and I will know which grades are yours.
  • Lab 2 will be a small project. Every student must select a different historical person or event. I choose Martha Washington; you choose someone else, or an event. If you choose someone very well known, like Gandhi, you may wish to provide a second and third choice, in case your first choice is already taken.

Reading assignment

Reading assignment are in HTML, A Beginner's Guide, by Wendy Willard.
Read the chapter.
You may wish to answer the self test questions at the end of the chapters.
The answers to the self test questions are in the back of the book.
You are not required to do the projects in the book; we have our own laboratory assignments for this course.

Chapter 1 HTML Basics

Understand the Internet as a Medium for Desseminating Information
The URL for our server is   You should use Firefox, Opera, or Safari browsers in this class.
Be Aware of the Current Version of HTML
We will be using XHTML 1.0 in this class.
Plan for the Audience, Goals, Structure, Content, and Navigation of Your Site
Scan this section.
Identify the Best HTML editor for You
You should use notepad in Windows, SimpleText in a Mac, or any one of the text editors in Linux.
Learn from the Pros Using the View source Command of Popular Web Browsers
- View - Page source   is a good technique.

Appendix A - Answers to the Self  Test
Appendix A is not assigned for reading, but you may wish to answer the self  test questions at the back of each chapter. The answers are given in Appendix A.

"Try This" 1-1   Omit the projects; we have our own lab assignments and projects.
Self  test. You may wish to answer these questions. You can check your answers in Appendix A. If there is anything you do not understand, send a question to a Canvas forum.

An alternate text is Even More Excellent HTML by Timothy T. Gottleber and Timothy N. Trainor. This book gives both new and older techniques. You may read in this book, if you wish. Chapter 1.