Assignment 2 - cin, cout, and variables

due October 7th

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with cin, cout, variables, and some simple calculations.

Write a C++ program that prompts the user to enter 7 values.  Assume the point values and the calculations are the same as they are for your CIS22A class.  After prompting and reading in the 7 values, you should print out the following shown below.  You must match the output spacing exactly.  

You should declare at least 9 variables in your program.
Include comments in your program containing your name, "Assignment 2", and the operating system and compiler you used for your program. Your output should look very similar to the following:

Enter your first name => Joe
Enter your last name => Bentley
Enter the total assignment points => 183
Enter the total exercise points => 47          <=== Input 7 values
Enter the midterm points => 38
Enter the final points => 85
Enter the CodeLab points => 8

Joe Bentley's grade points
Assignments: 183
Exercises:   47
Midterm:     38
Final:       85
CodeLab:     8
Total:       361
Percent:     90.25%