Group Project Presentation and Grading Criteria

These grading criteria are subject to revision

The presentation will take approximately 30 minutes
The Group Lead(s) must direct the presentation
The Group Lead should delegate some of the presentation tasks
Group members must be present (or lose the 10 points for presentation)
The instructor will interrupt with a few questions, so the time must be somewhat flexible

Demonstration agenda

Activity Approximate Time Allotted
Game Overview
Diagrams, Class Relationships
What you are most proud of
5 minutes
Game Demonstration
How it is played
Use a back door
Show off some of the cool features of the game
Expect questions from instructor
15 minutes
Point Out Requirements Completed
Your own library
Exception handling
STL containers
C++ 11/14/17/20 features
Style guidelines (written and oral)
5 minutes
Summary Suggestions
What worked? What didn't work?
What did you learn?
What are you most proud of?
Was the project a good idea?  Worth the time?
What do you thinking of working in a group and depending on others
5 minutes

Group Project Grading Criteria

Points Awarded (See Group Project Evaluation form)

Category Maximum Points
1. Group Meetings 20
2. Game Evaluation 30
3. The code 40
4. The presentation and documentation 30
Extra Credit Opportunities
The "best" game 5
Early Completion 1, 2, 3
Group Lead 10

Points Deducted

Category Points Deducted
Major crash
Group members cannot explain the problem
The instructor cannot build the code, or the instructor needs help, bandaids, or additional instructions in building and running the program -10
Minor crash
Group member(s) can explain the problem & demonstrate how to fix it within 3 minutes
The code runs on only 1 platform
Platform = Mac, PC, Linux
Missing a library to be linked in -3
No polymorphism -3
No user define namespace -3
No exception handling -3
Less than 2 different STL containers -3
Less than 6 C++11 features -1 to -6
Style Guidelines list (at least 10 guidelines) -1 to -10
Neatness, consistency of style, code readability-1 to -5
Organization of the code-1 to -5
Warnings-1 to -5
Game sophistication, "backdoor", interest level, is it fun?-1 to -5
Documentation: User instructions, Class diagrams-1 to -10

Submission Requirements (group lead)

Submit the following before, but not more than 24 hours before.
  1. Any final documentation that describes your project: outlines, illustrations, UML diagrams, etc.
  2. All source code (source files, header files), in one folder, compressed.
  3. Compilation instructions
The instructor will spend approximately one hour compiling, running and evaluating the code (so the instructions must be clear and obvious)

Presentation Times

Presentation times may be requested 8 days or less prior to the actual presentation time.
Presentation times must be requested at least 24 hours before the actual presentation time.