CIS 29 - Notes for Tuesday, 1/5

Announcements and Reminders



Zoom Session Policies
  • This is no way to run a class
  • The class is very full, approximately 50 students
  • Come to class early (not on time, but early).  Your name will be checked off on the attendance sheet before you are admitted from the waiting room.  If you are late, you may have to wait in the waiting room for a while.
  • The lecture will usually not be recorded.  You are expected to be in class for the lecture.  Lecture recording will be by separate request only.
  • The chat box
    • Minimize use, important stuff only.
    • Ask questions before the lecture, during the break, or after the lecture.  If the question is important, ask it anyway.  
    • Do not answer each other's questions
  • Make suggestions for Zoom by email.
  • Turn on your camera and stay involved.  Ask questions.

The Syllabus

Recommended Texts

The Course Notes ( MS Word Document        PDF File )  - how to use it / expect updates during the quarter

Programming Assignments
  • Email source code.  Check your code before sending it.  Once received, it will be graded.  You do not get a chance to correct your errors after submitting it.
  • In the email, use Ass# as the email subject
  • Add the source code as an attachment.  Use the file name ass#.cpp (where # is the assignment number).  You may be asked to submit multiple files - send them as a zipped attachment.  Do not email project files, executables, or folders containing your projects.
  • Add comments to your source code including your name, the assignment #, and the compiler and operating system used.  You will be penalized 1 point on the assignment if you do not have a comment with your name, assignment #, compiler and operating system used.
  • The code will be compiled and run on either Code::Blocks or the g++ compiler on Linux.  If the code does not compile and run there, you will not get full credit for the assignment.
  • Do not ask the instructor to "check" your code.  You should know if you fulfilled the requirements of the assignment.
  • Assignments are due by 1:30 pm on the due date specified. Assignments will be accepted late with a 5-point penalty if they are received within 24 hours of the due date (time).  After that time, they will not be accepted. 
  • Assignment grading

  • Online
  • Timed
  • No makeups without prior approval

The Group Project
Academic Integrity Policy

Get a Linux account on Voyager

Locate the "Create Your Business/CS Computer Lab Account" button on the right-hand side of the page.  Press the button, and a new browser window will open.  This window displays the Computer Lab Account Request.

Microsoft Imagine

The Microsoft Program will be available for all eligible CIS students to register and download selected software from Microsoft for free, after the census day.

Click Activate now >  

At Sign In window

          Type 8 digits Student


Next, log in with school Student ID and myportal password.


At the Stay Sign In: Click YES

At About You window

        Review your First and Last Name

        Email address

        Phone: cell phone # (suggestion)


Microsoft will automatically send a code to your phone or email in a few seconds.

       Type in 6-digit code

       Click at the Sign Up


Wait a few minutes, Azure website will be displayed

Click at Software (upper left corner) to see the software list.

all the instructors.  


Classes, Constructors, and Destructors

Example 1-1 – Card and Deck class (old code)

Example 1-2 – Card and Deck class (revised)

Example 1-3 – Card and Deck class (another revision)

Example 1-4 – Adding Matrices

Some more thoughts on the class