CIS 29 - Notes for Tuesday, 3/9

Announcements and Reminders

Group Project Reminder

  • Submit all final code and final documentation (uncluding UML diagrams, style guidelines, C++11 features, etc) before (or at the same time as) your project presentation.  
  • Your code will be compiled and run.  All source code and resource files must be present.  Compilation should be intuitive or have instructions in how to complete it.

Group Project Grading Comments

  • Most of the grading will be objective - "a checklist"
  • Some of the grading will be subjective - comparisons will be made between the projects based on quality of the game, quality of the code, game sophistication, code sophistication, group participation, quality of the documentation, quality of the presentation
  • Groups that present earlier will be viewed more favorably (since succeeding groups can copy ideas)
  • Smaller groups may have a handicap

Group Project Presentations

1:30 pm Group 4

STL Algorithms

Reference page
Not all iterators are equal

Algorithm example

The sort algorithm using compare function pointers, function objects and standard function objects

transform algorithm - an easy example

another transform example