CIS29 Project Group Meeting #2 Suggested Agenda

Must be completed by February 6th

Select a Group Lead

This is probably the most important part of the group project.  The lead will determine the level of success of the project.  This person needs to be
 You can "volunteer" or "campaign" for this position.
 You can hold a vote.
 If you cannot decide on one student, then two students can hold the position (but they must work together).
 Someone must lead the group.
 The group lead must act like a leader.

SFML Review

Discuss SFML - what have you tried?  what have you learned how to do?

Your Group's Game

What is the theme?
What are the details?
What is the goal of the game?
How to play?
What is the minimum game?
What would be nice to have in the game?

Student Assignments

Next Meeting (by February 20th)

Status of preliminary assignments
Management and integration of code
Finalize planning and assignments

Some more ideas

Invite another group lead(s) to your meeting (share ideas).
Maybe group leads should meet - share ideas, what works, what doesn't?
Invite Joe to a meeting (TTh: before or after class)

Group Lead Requirement

Must submit an email to Joe with the following: