CIS29 Project Group Meeting #3 Suggested Agenda

Must be completed by February 20th

By this time of the meeting the group should have accomplished some/most of the following:
Integration of code should not necessarily occur in a meeting - this can occur as a meeting with just two members of the group.  But this might be demonstrated in a meeting.

The group lead should maintain and distribute a "paper copy" of the game plan, scope, illustrations, member task breakdown.  Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Required Demonstration

The group must present a 5-minute Zoom demonstration of their game plans to the instructor.  The demonstration should include the main game RenderWindow.  This demonstration must be attended by all group members.  The group should display their game RenderWindow and discuss the game plans.  The purpose of this demonstration is to ensure that all group members are involved and that plans are proceeding.  The demonstration should occur on or before February 18th

The group lead should request a demonstration time.  Demonstration times will be reserved on a first come-first served basis.

Reserved Demonstration Times

February 16  12:20 pm
February 16  12:30 pm
February 16  3:20 pm
February 16  3:30 pm  -  Group 4
February 16  3:40 pm  -  Group1

February 17  6:30 pm
February 17  6:40 pm
February 17  6:50 pm

February 18  12:20 pm
February 18  12:30 pm  -  Group 2
February 18  12:40 pm  -  Group 5
February 18  3:20 pm  -  Group 3
February 18  3:30 pm  -  Group 6  
February 18  3:40 pm  -  

Suggested Meeting Discussion topics

This meeting can be held before or after the required demonstration.

Next Meeting (by March 4th)

Group Lead Requirement

Must submit an email to Joe with the following: