NetBeans Installation on Windows

The NetBeans installation process for Windows has three parts:

  1.  Java Development Kit (JDK)
  2.  gnu compiler from Cygwin
  3.  Netbeans IDE

The following notes are not detailed but should point you in the right direction for the installation.

The Java Development Kit

The JDK download is found here =>

For windows you will want to download the the Windows x64 version (unless you are running a 32 bit version of windows.  There is also a JDK version 8u202 available.

JDK Download Page

Run the jdk-... .exe file that you downloaded.  That will install the JDK.

The gnu compiler from Cygwin

This video has good instructions for the installation of Cygwin =>

You will need to install these 4 packages from Cygwin





NetBeans Download and Installation

Here is the download page =>

Netbeans download page

On the next screen select the Binaries download zip file.

Netbeans download Binaries

You should unzip the NetBeans Binaries zip file into a logical location where you can find it again.

The unzipped netbeans folder will contain a bin folder with the netbeans.exe executable file that you will use to run NetBeans.  

This video, referenced above, shows how to setup NetBeans to reference the Cygwin compiler.