CIS 22B: Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++

Welcome to the Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++ Course. This is a systematic approach to the design, construction and management of computer programs, emphasizing design, programming style, documentation, testing and debugging techniques. Strings, multidimensional arrays, structures, and classes. Pointers: their use in arrays, parameters and dynamic allocation. Introduction to linked lists.

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  • CIS 22B is a 4.5 unit class.
  • CIS 22B is for people who already took CIS 22A.
  • Access to the Net from work and/or school is a big plus.

The Student Learning Outcomes are:


Week Reading Exercise and Lab Assignment
1 Ch.7: Vectors
Ch.7: Two Dimensional Array
Ch.8: Search and Sort
Exercise 7.5
Exercise 8.2
Quiz 8
Lab Assignment 1
2 Ch.9: Pointers Exercise 9.1
Exercise 9.2
Exercise 9.3
Exercise 9.4
Quiz 9
Lab Assignment 2
3 No class on Monday
Ch.10: Characters, C-Strings

Exercise 10.1
Exercise 10.2
4 Ch.10: Characters, C-Strings (continued)
Ch.11: Structured Data
Exercise 10.3
Exercise 10.4
Exercise 11.1
Exercise 11.2
Quiz 10
Lab Assignment 3
5 Ch.11: Structured Data (continued)
Ch.12: Advanced File Operations
Exercise 11.3
Exercise 11.4
Exercise 12.1
Exercise 12.2
Quiz 11
Lab Assignment 4
6 Ch.12: Advanced File Operations (continued)
Midterm Exam
Exercise 12.3
Exercise 12.4
Quiz 12
Lab Assignment 5
7 No class on Monday
Ch.13: Introduction to Classes
Exercise 13.1
Exercise 13.2
8 Ch.13: Introduction to Classes (continued)
Ch.14: More about Classes
Exercise 13.3
Exercise 13.4
Exercise 14.1
Exercise 14.2
Quiz 13
Lab Assignment 6
9 Ch.14: More about Classes (continued)
Ch.15: Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Virtual Functions
Exercise 14.3
Exercise 14.4
Exercise 15.1
Exercise 15.2
Quiz 14
Lab Assignment 7
10 Ch.15: Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Virtual Functions (continued)
Ch.16: Exceptions, Templates
Exercise 15.3
Exercise 15.4
Exercise 16.1
Exercise 16.2
Quiz 15
Lab Assignment 8
11 Ch.16: Standard Template Library
Ch.17: Linked Lists
Exercise 16.3
Exercise 17.1
Exercise 17.2
Exercise 17.3
Quiz 16
12 Final Exam  

Notice on Learning Disabilities

If there are any students with a learning disability or physical challenge, you are entitled to any assistance you need to achieve your academic goals. De Anza College has an on-campus lab with talking computers, print enlargers, tactile maps of the campus, and other alternate learning options. If you or anyone you know would benefit from such a service, please call Disabled Student Services at (408) 864-8753.
TTY number: (408) 864-5650

Please also contact us if you have suggestions for making this course more learning accessible for you.