Welcome to CIS89A

Welcome to the World Wide Web Page Development Course. You will learn how to create Web pages using HTML. You'll also learn how to upload the files to the server.

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  • CIS 89a is a 3 unit class.
  • CIS 89a is for people who don't know anything about HTML but want to learn it.
  • CIS 89a is not for people who know HTML.
  • CIS 89a does not teach how to use HTML editors.
  • Some basic knowledge of computer (e.g. using a Notepad) is required.
  • Some familiarity with a browser such as Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer is also needed.

Syllabus for Summer

Week Reading Lab and Assignment
1 Introduction
Uses of the Web
Web Application
Basic Elements
Format the Presentation
Lab 1
Lab 2
Assignment 1
2 Format Text
Entities and Validation
Cascading Style Sheets
Formatting with Styles
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6
Assignment 2
3 Lists
HTML5 Visual Elements
HTML5 Structural Elements
Midterm Exam
Lab 7
Lab 8
Lab 9
Assignment 3
4 Tables
Layout with Styles
Page Layout
Lab 10
Lab 11
Lab 12
Lab 13
Assignment 4
5 Forms
HTML5 Form Controls
HTML5 Audio and Video Elements
Print Media and Mobile Devices
Lab 14
Lab 15
Lab 16
Lab 17
Assignment 5
6 CSS Transitions
Advanced HTLM5 and CSS3 features
Using Microdata
Designing a Web site
Final Exam
Lab 18
Lab 19