Welcome to CIS89C

Welcome to Client-Side Programming with JavaScript. This course presents students with both theoretical and practical instruction on the origins and basic features of the JavaScript programming language. The course will provide an introduction to JavaScript and some common programming concepts.

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  • CIS 89C is a 4.5 unit class.
  • CIS 89C is for people who don't know about JavaScript.
  • CIS 89C is not for people who know JavaScript.
  • CIS 89C requires knowledge of HTML.
  • Access to the Net from work and/or school is a big plus.


Week Reading Lab and Assignment
Week 1 Introduction
Developing in JavaScript
The Basics
Lab 1
Assignment 1
Week 2 The Basics
Text Output
Dialog Boxes
Error Messages
EData Types
Expressions and Operators
Lab 2
Lab 3
Assignment 2
Week 3 Statements
Lab 4
Lab 5
Assignment 3
Week 4 Arrays
Lab 6
Lab 7
Assignment 4
Week 5 window Object
document Object
location Object
link and anchor Objects
history Object
screen Object
Navigator Object
Lab 8
Lab 9
Assignment 5
Week 6 Document Object Model (DOM)
Events and Event Handlers
Lab 10
Lab 11
Assignment 6
Week 7 Regular Expression
String Object
Midterm Exam
Lab 12
Week 8 Client Detection
Math Object
Number Object
Date Object
JavaScript and CSS
Lab 13
Lab 14
Lab 15
Assignment 7
Week 9 Form Object
Button, Submit, and Reset Objects
Text Object

Lab 16
Assignment 8
Week 10 Checkbox Object
Radio Object
Password, Hidden, Select, fileUpload Objects
HTML5 Constraint Validation API
Image and Area Objects
Lab 17
Lab 18
Lab 19
Assignment 9
Week 11 Error Handling
JavaScript Examples
jQuery Functions and Events
Lab 20
Lab 21
Week 12 Final Exam