Welcome to CIS89D

Welcome to the Rich Internet Application Development. I am pleased you are joining us for this class. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you and to give you an overview of what to expect and what you need to do next.

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  • CIS 89D is a 4.5 unit class.
  • CIS 89D requires knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Access to the Net from work and/or school is a big plus.


Week Reading Lab and Assignment
1 Introduction
Lab 1
Lab 2
2 CSS3
Lab 3
Lab 4
3 jQuery
Video and Audio
Lab 5
Lab 6
Lab 7
4 Canvas Part 2
Drag and Drop
Lab 8
Lab 9
5 Geolocation
Web Storage
Lab 10
Lab 11
6 Mobile Web
Mobile Events
Lab 12
Lab 13
7 Mobile Responsive Websites
Mobile Device Access
Midterm Exam
Lab 14
8 indexDB
Lab 15
Lab 16
9 Communications
Lab 17
Lab 18
10 History
Lab 19
Lab 20
11 Web Workers
Lab 21
Lab 22
12 Final Exam