Mac instructions

There are several ways to upload files from a Mac to voyager:

You can use the facilities that ship as part of the Mac OS

I am not a good Mac user, but I got the necessary file transfer to work. The following is what I did; perhaps better Mac users can correct any errors I made

Bring up the Mac and log in.

Build the file

Menu: - click Go - click Applications - double click TextEdit
Type your html page.

Start Transfer the file

Menu: - click Go - click Applications - click Utilites - double click terminal
At the prompt type: sftp
When requested, enter your password.
At the sftp prompt type:
cd public_html
    this changes to the directory where you will put your web pages on voyager
    this tells you the local present working directory on your Mac. If you wish use lcd to change it.

Save your file on the Mac

In your TextEdit window:   Menu: click File - click saveAs
Select the directory you are using in sftp
Give the file the name lab2     In lower case, no .html extension
select SaveAS - web page (.html)     This will add the .html extension

Transfer the file

In your terminal window:   At the prompt:
Will list the files in the present working directory on your Mac. If you do not see your lab2.html file, change the working directory or change the directory that contains your lab2.html file so you see it. Then:
put lab2.html

Look at your page

Bring up your browser and look at:
If your page is not what you want, go back to the text editor and fix it. Then use sftp to put it on voyager again, then look at it with the browser again.

Alternate proceedure, you can upload using Fugu

Downloaded Fugu. Once you do that, open up Fugu and type in "" in the first box (the one that is labeled "Connect to"). Right below it, you should enter your voyager username that you set up when you applied for your account. You can leave the "Port" and "Directory" empty.

Then click on the connect button at the bottom. Then you can enter your password.

If it is accepted, you will see your computer's files in the list on your left. To the right, you will see the Voyager server list. It might be empty at first. Anyway, find your html file in the left window. You can double click your folder icons until you find it. When you have your file, you can right click it to see options. Click on "Upload".

That should do it. You should see the html file in the list on your right side once it's uploaded to the server.

Another alternative is to use Cyberduck

Cyberduck it's free and easy to use. You can SSH into Voyager with this program.