Document Type Definition (DTD)


A Document Type Definition can be used to specify how your XML document must be built. To use a Document Type Definition (DTD) with your XML page, you must specify where to find the DTD. This is done in the XML page by using the DOCTYPE tag. Follow the link to the left, to see how to specify the DOCTYPE tag.


An XML document contains a tree of elements. The root element can contain some elements. Each of these elements can contain some elements, et cetera.

This tree of elements contains all the elements in the document. Every element must be contained within another element, so you can trace your way up from any element to the root element. The root element is at the top, and has no parent.

Follow the link to the left to learn about ELEMENT tags.


An ATTLIST tag is used to specify a list of attributes, for use with an element. Follow the link to the left, to see how to specify the ATTLIST tag.


Enities allow you to insert something into your document. Follow the link to the left, to read about entities.

Reading assignment

Reading assignments are in Beginning XML, by DavidHunter, et al.
Read the chapter.

Chapter 4: Document type definitions