Wellformed XML

Well formed XML

Wellformed XML is a document that conforms to all the XML well formed rules. Follow the link to the left to see the rules.

Check well formed XML document

There is only one simple step needed to check that your XML document is well formed.
In XML Copy editor, click the left checkmark. If there are error messages, fix one and check it again.

Build a well formed XML document

Do not try to just sit down and build a complete XML document all at once. Follow the following set of simple steps, adding a little at a time.

  1. Make a plan of approximatly what you want the XML documents to look like.
  2. Build an XML document with only the root element, and no other elements.
  3. Check the XML document to be sure it is well formed.
  4. After successfully checking that your XML document is well formed, repeatedly do the following steps.
    • Add one or two things to your XML document.
    • Check the XML document to be sure it is well formed.

By taking small steps, you can correct problems as you go along.

Lab 2 assignment

If you did not get your lab 2 topic approved by the instructor when you submitted your lab 1, get it approved before starting work on lab 2.

Create one XML document that describes your topic.
The name of the file containing the document must be lab2.xml
It must include:

  • 5 to 10 different elements.
  • 2 or 3 different attributes.
  • a total of 20 to 30 elements.

Check your XML document to be sure it is well formed during the construction. The first check should be when you have only the root element. Check again frequently.

If you have trouble with the restrictions on the number of elements and attributes, simplify what you implement for your topic, to reduce the number.

Put your web page on the Internet

You have built your XML document; now put it on the Internet, so everyone can see it.

Complete lab

You have built your lab 2 XML document and uploaded it to voyager.
Check again to make sure the XML document on voyager is well formed.
Then, send an e-mail to instructor. In the e-mail provide the following information:

  • SUBJECT: CIS 89A Lab 2
  • That you have completed Lab 2.