CIS 92A Topics in Computer Information Systems Development (Introduction to XML)

Class communications setup - Spring 2009

Types of communication:

Set up your e-mail manager:

You may use your regular e-mail account, or you may wish to set one up for use with this class. Many students use Google or some other commercial web site for their e-mail service. You may use any e-mail service you wish; pick one. You must always send your e-mail from the same e-mail address every time you send e-mail to the class list server.

Allow your e-mail manager to receive class messages:

Because the list server sends messages to all students in the class, and because the instructor sometimes sends messages to all students in the class, your e-mail manager may treat this mail as spam.

You must either set up your e-mail account so class e-mail is not considered as spam, or keep looking for this e-mail with the spam. Consult the instructions for your e-mail manager for information on how to set it up so the instructor's e-mail address and class list server address are in your Safe List, so you can receive e-mail from them. The e-mail addresses which will be sending you messages are:

Join the class list server:

The class list server is used by all students to discuss the work in the class. Announcements, changes in assignments, review material for exams, and other material are also sent to the class list server by the instructor. So, you need to sign up for the class list server.

Communication discussions:

Communication to the instructor:

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