XML and Lab setup

The first week are will learn the fundamentals of the XML language. The XML language is very simple. We will learn most of the XML language the first week, and spend the rest of the term learning how to use it, and also learn supporting languages.

Follow the link on the left, to see the XML material.

The second task for the first week is to set up to use the class materials and do the laboratory assignment. Lab 0 is also part of this material. You need to do Lab 0 to make sure your set up is correct. Be sure to send the instructor an e-mail when you have your Lab 0 completed. If you have any questions about this material, send them to the class list server. We can all work to answer the questions on the list server.

Follow the link on the left, to see the introductory and lab setup material.

Reading assignment

Reading assignments are in Beginning XML, 4th Edition, by David Hunter, Jeff Rafter, Joe Fawcett, Eric van der Vlist, Danny Ayers, Jon Duckett, Andrew Watt, Linda McKinnon.

The book is very good. You can learn more from the book, than what is given in these web pages and lectures.

Chapter 1, What is XML. This is an excellent introduction to XML, what it is good for, and what are the related technologies. You can skip the introduction chapter in most books, but I suggest you read this one.

Chapter 2, Well-Formed XML. Well-formed XML is simple, but the rules must be followed exactly.