C++ Programming References

C++ Books

Programming Principles and Practice Using C++  Bjarne Stroustrup 2nd Edition

The C++ Programming Language   Bjarne Stroustrup 4th Edition

The C++ Standard Library   Nicolai M. Josuttis

C++17 - The Complete Guide   Nicolai M. Josuttis

Professional C++   Marc Gregoire  4th Edition

C A Reference Manual  Harbison & Steele 5th Edition     This is dated, but still a good reference.
        PDF Version

C++ Web Page References

Joe's old CIS27 C++ Notes (pdf file)   These are notes from old CIS27 classes.  They are dated.

Joe's Advanced C++ Notes   March 2020  (MS Word document / pdf file)

Bjarne Stroustrup's Home Page

http://www.learncpp.com/  Very good tuturials

C++ Annotations  Frank B. Brokken   Very good reference

C++ Reference  Good reference

The C++ Standard  The ISO standard. Download a copy of the 2014 working draft.

Google’s Guide to Technical Development

C++ Videos

Bucky's C++ Tutorials
These are the best videos for the beginner

Console C++ Video Tutorials

Stroustrup Videos


Fort Siege (CIS29 Group Project Winter 2018)

Cursed Zombie (CIS29 Group Project Winter 2019)

Treasure Defense
(CIS29 Group Project Winter 2020)

Bomber Bot (CIS 29
Group Project Winter 2020)

Pink Bean's Adventure
(CIS 29 Group Project Spring 2020)

Tank 2021 (CIS Group Project Winter 2021)

Joe's Adventure Game

PC Window's Version  (version 1.3 9/28/17)
Linux Version  (3/17)
Macintosh Version (3/17)

How To

How to Build a Project with Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Express

How to Use Code::Blocks to Create a Simple C++ Program

Printing your output from Code::Blocks

NetBeans Installation Instructions

Xcode Tutorial for the Mac

Free C++ Compilers

Microsoft Visual Studio

Code::Blocks - is a great, easy-to-use IDE.  It is recommended for Windows, but not for Mac or Linux.

NetBeans - another open source IDE that makes use of Mingw or Cygwin

Eclipse - An open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

C/C++ gnu compiler (for UNIX/Linux)

Free C/C++ Compilers and Interpreters