Group Project

Wizard's Castle Game Description

see Page 10 of this magazine

Play the Game

Download a Windows DOS version or play the game in your browser here.

Group Project Introduction

Project Requirements

Group Project Presentation and Grading Criteria

Group Project Evaluation Form

Group Meetings

Meeting Purpose Completed By Agenda
1 Introductions, finding a group lead, discuss the game, share ideas January 25th Meeting 1
2 Discuss the game - how to win.  Propose and volunteer for tasks.  Brainstrorm. February 8th Meeting 2
3 Demonstrate code.  Discuss integration.  Revise and assign tasks. February 27th Meeting 3
4 Demonstrate code. Integrate.  Discuss problems.  Complete the project. March 8th Meeting 4

Presentation Times

Presentation times must be requested 8 days or less prior to the actual presentation time.
Presentation times must be requested at least 24 hours before the actual presentation time.

DateTimeAvailableE.C. Points
Th 3/158:45 amyes6
Th 3/1510:40 amyes6
Tu 3/208:45 amyes4
Tu 3/2010:40 amGroup 34
Tu 3/2011:30 amGroup 54
Th 3/228:45 amGroup 42
Th 3/2210:40amGroup 22
Th 3/2211:30amGroup 12
Tu 3/278:30 amyes0
Tu 3/2711:30 amyes0